5 Reasons Why These Glue-Free Lashes Are Transforming The Way Women Apply Lashes in 2024

By Leviza F.

Last updated: May 5th, 2024

Summary: If you’re that impatient girlie who want none of that messy, gunky, gluey nonsense.. You can now put on a pair of falsies that’s designed for a glue-less, seamless lash fit. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Imagine never having to deal with sticky, gunky glue again!

These self-adhesive band design boasts a flexible adhesive band crafted for a seamless, glue-free lash application. These lashes arrive pre-glued for ultimate convenience, eliminating the need to fumble with liquid glue or wait for it to become tacky.

2. Even your mom can do it!

These Self-Adhesive Lashes are so simple to use that even your mom can nail the perfect lash look in seconds! They are not just for beginners; they're for anyone who's struggled with traditional lashes. No more battles with glue or fears of a lash mishap. Just a straightforward, enjoyable lash experience that's accessible to everyone.

3. More snooze time, less prep time 😴

Whether it's extra sleep, savoring a cup of coffee, or spending time with your kids, these self-stick lashes ensure your beauty routine never slows you down. Just peel the lashes off the lash guard, trim to fit and stick it as close to your lash line. Voila!

4. Avoid harming the most delicate part of your face..

Our Self-Adhesive Lashes, latex-free and gentle, offer a safer alternative to traditional methods, eliminating lash damage from harsh chemicals and glue. They ensure an easy, tear-free removal process that protects your natural lashes, making beauty routines worry-free.

5. And no.. it’s not just one-time use ♻️

When the adhesive strip begins to lose its stickiness, simply peel off the old strip and attach a new one. Each lash pack includes a free adhesive strip to extend your lash wear for 7-10 days. For those who want even more longevity, our adhesive strip refill pack offers 10 additional strips, ensuring your lashes stay fresh and fabulous for about 2 months!

How To Use

Easy 3-Step Guide

Step 1

Plug the lash guard from the tray, and carefully remove the lashes from one end using your fingers or a tweezer.

Step 2

Place them to above your eye shape to measure and trim any excess if needed.

Step 3

Gently apply the lashes along your lash line, ensuring they sit snugly against your skin without any visible gaps. The warmth of your body will help set the adhesive, ensuring a secure hold throughout the day.


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60k+ Reviews

"No problem putting them on and go."

These lashes works great! Better than me putting glue on lashes which for me is always a mess, this I have no problem putting them on and go. I even slept in them and they turn out beautiful.


Verified Buyer

"I was afraid to wear false eyelashes because of a prior bad experience."

These eyelashes are remarkable. I was afraid to wear false eyelashes because of a prior bad experience. However, after watching the videos online, I decided to try them. Wow, they are so great, I ordered another bundle. Thank You Lash Buddy!

Y. C.

Verified Buyer

"I was skeptical at first but these lashes really work!"

I was skeptical at first but these lashes really work! It took me a few tries to get them on but I’m also a newbie so I’m not used to the process. If you want full lashes without the hassle of magnets or glue, I highly recommend these lashes!!


Verified Buyer



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POP ON in JUST 15s

Peel, Trim, Stick!

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Say goodbye to gunky, gooey liquid glue mess!

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Pre-Glued Flexible Adhesive Band

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